Main purpose of Selection and Placement System under the Human Resources of LAV is to add to its existing staff well-educated, well-trained, open-minded, entrepreneurial, energetic, dynamic and teamwork-oriented persons with the potential to improve themselves and their work, who can train their subordinates, and who will adopt and own our values. Basic principle of the Selection and Placement is to give equal opportunity - both in recruitment and promoting - to persons possessing the competences required by the job (knowledge, skill, attitudes) who adopt and are well-posed to perpetuate the values of ArtCraft without any discrimination and privilege. 

Identification of the training requirements of all employees working at LAV, and planning, organization and implementation of the activities that will ensure their self-development have been described by the standards under the training procedure. Training is considered vital for becoming a learning organization and satisfying the needs to become an organization that has made continuous development and keeping pace with the change its principle. Trainings are solely aimed at improving all competences, knowledge, skills, attitudes, self-development, etc. of the employees. These trainings cover various subjects including technical, social, cultural and psychological subjects as well as other subjects that improve business and management skills, and augment organizational efficiency, as applicable. 

Human Resources Management is in constant contact with training companies and other organizations that can contribute to the self-development of the employees, and it is responsible from monitoring the activities that will help employees’ self-development. Human Resources Management should work in collaboration with the employees to satisfy the training needs of the Company. 

Suggestion System at LAV can be defined as submission in writing by the employees their solutions regarding their job, their work environment and/or any problems within the general workflow of the Company, or their offers to improve the general workflow, and implementation of suggestions that are approved after their assessment. The purpose of the suggestion system is to ensure the contribution of the employees to the effect of improving the processes and methods, increasing the quality and productivity, and reducing the costs at ArtCraft Glassware Production Premises, and thus to encourage change and development and promote the motivation by assessing and awarding the suggestions of the employees. 

General objective of the Performance Appraisal System at LAV is to ensure the improvement of the employees’ performance on a constant basis in line with the targets of the Company. Beside this, the Performance Appraisal System has three objectives which are interlinked with each other and can be summed as to provide information that can help managerial decisions such as career planning, training planning, labor planning; to make the development of the Suggestion System permanent by supporting the submission of suggestions; and to receive information and feedback regarding to what extent employees have attained their targets integrated with the Company targets and regarding their works and their conception of their works.