Yıldız Education Project


Yıldız Education Project was born on the 10th anniversary of our company on 02.08.2006, and named after Ms. Yıldız Güral. The project was started in the educational year 2006-2007. 

Main purpose of the project has been to offer new frontiers to our employees wishing to make their children’s future better by appropriately preparing them for the life ahead. 

There is no doubt that the road to a good university passes from a good high school. 

Hence, Yıldız Education Project started with full orientation to Middle School Entry Exams (OKS) and now continues as Preparations for High School Placement Tests (SBS).

A total of 296 students took part in our Project until now, with; 

  •   62 students during 2006-2007 educational year,
  •   110 students during 2007-2008 educational year, and
  • ·  124 students during 2008-2009 educational year.


Currently, there are 117 students attending to our 2009-2010 Educational year program. 

Main motives of Yıldız Education Project are;

  •   To prepare the school students for the placement test exams,
  •   To enhance their scores in their schools,
  •   To contribute to their socializing,
  •   To increase their self-confidence,
  •   To be instrumental in their becoming a good and beneficial individuals,
  •   To add to the improvement of their IQ levels, and


To do our share in bringing up a generation that will help Turkey prosper.

The course starts with a test to ascertain the current level of the students, who will be assigned to one of the following levels according to the result of the test: 

8th Graders – 3 levels, 
7th Graders – 3 levels, 
6th Graders – 2 levels.

Hediye Güral Nursery School

The construction of the Hediye Güral Kindergarden which began at 22 March 2008 as a result of a protocol signed with the benevolent businessman Rıza Güral by the presence of the Governor Şükrü Kocatepe, Director of Public Works and Settlement Vahit Okumuşer and the Provincial Director of Education Halis Demir; is finished at the time committed which is 30 June 2008.

The kindergarden is delivered to the Kütahya National Education 

Directorate through the channel of the Kütahya Governorship on 2 September 2008. 

Hediye Güral Kindergarden located at Merkez Yıldırım Beyazıt Gülağaçlar with 4 classrooms and 100 students of capacity have been ready for the 2008-2009 academic year. 

Hediye Güral Kindergarden comprises 4 classrooms, 1 teachers’ room, 1 administration room, 1 playing room, 1 sleeping room, 2 kitchens, 2 children’s toilets, 2 teachers’ toilets and 1 boiler room.