LAV Receives Zero Waste Certificate.

LAV Adopts Zero Waste Management Philosophy!

With its sustainable business strategy and investments in sustainability, LAV, a global brand in tableware glasses, continues achieving new heights. LAV incorporated its zero waste management principle into all of its business processes through its “Journey with Glass” sustainability plan, which intends to build environmentally and socially responsible systems. The brand has just been awarded a zero waste certificate in recognition of its efforts.

LAV defines corporate success as adding value to people, respecting the environment, and achieving long-term growth by looking beyond financial success and shapes its operations with this understanding in mind, using a zero waste approach to protect the environment, human health, and all resources by reducing waste. The company’s waste management philosophy is defined as preventing waste, more efficiently utilizing resources, preventing or reducing waste generation by examining the reasons of waste generation, and collecting and recycling waste separately at the source. As a result of incorporating this philosophy throughout all of LAV’s processes, the company has been awarded a zero waste certificate.

LAV completed all preparations for “Zero Waste”

As part of the Zero Waste initiative, the needs were identified and met first. Following that, through training and awareness-raising initiatives, a zero-waste philosophy was attempted to be fostered throughout the organization. In the central and organized factories, environmental trainings, including zero waste, were conducted. Collection equipment was positioned in areas where personnel could easily access it. Labels with the relevant information and colors were produced in line with the Zero Waste Regulation. Domestic wastes were collected as organic waste in cafeterias that have higher amounts of food waste. Recyclable and plastic wastes were collected separately based on their classifications.

Medical waste was collected separately in special bags from the hospital rooms and disposed of by organizations approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. COVID-19 masks and gloves are collected separately in buckets with lids and pedals as well. Separate disposal bins are used for batteries and fluorescent bulbs. The collected wastes are coded and held in the company’s temporary disposal warehouses before being delivered to recycling and disposal organizations licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Following that, work on monitoring, record keeping, and improvement is carried out. Deficiencies and parties that need to be addressed and developed are discovered, and the required steps are done to address them.

“We will continue to work for a better future”

LAV’s General Manager, Tuğrul Baran, expressed his happiness for receiving a Zero Waste Certificate and stated the following regarding the company’s zero waste management approach: “As a corporation on the verge of becoming a global brand, we centered our sustainability strategy on the fields of “A Good Planet,” “Good Products,” and “A Good Company.” Within the scope of this knowledge, one of the key considerations we have taken is zero waste. In this context, we have undertaken all of the necessary measures for zero-waste management, and organized trainings to raise awareness among our colleagues. We became eligible for the zero waste certificate as a consequence of such an effort. As LAV, we will continue to work and produce for a “Good Planet.”

> LAV Receives Zero Waste Certificate.