Lemonade in a Jar

Lemonade lovers, this one is for you.

Who can say no to a refreshing lemonade with plenty of ice?This is particularly true on hot summer days, especially if you up the dosage of refreshing mint and reinforce the sour taste with ginger!Obviously, everyone has their own delicious recipe for lemonade.After reading our LAV-exclusive lemonade serving tip, there is no doubt that you will call your friends right away and invite them over for an afternoon break.See how you can easily prepare a practical and popular lemonade presentation.

Pour your lemonade into LAV’s nostalgic Laura jars.Close the lids of the jars colored with slices of lemon and fresh mint leaves.All you need to keep your lemonade cool outside is a large and deep bucket full of ice!Keep appropriately colored straws next to the jars.It is up to you to make every single moment special and colorful.
Come on!Surprise your loved ones with this popular trend!

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