Recruitment System

Recruitment System

The main purpose of the Recruitment System is to attract employees who are well-educated, open to innovations and change, entrepreneurial, energetic and dynamic, and who have the potential to develop themselves and their business, the proficiency to train staff and work in teams, and the capacity to adopt and protect our values.

The main principle in recruitment is to provide equal employment and progression opportunities for people who have the competencies (knowledge, skills, behavior) required by the job and who will adopt and promote LAV values without any discrimination or privileges.


Candidates who wish to apply to LAV may click on the link below and apply for open positions through
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For applications outside of, you can send your picture resume to, our mailing address, or our fax number at +902742250676.
The Human Resources Department evaluates the applications received from all channels, transmits them to the relevant departments in line with the requirements, and stores the resumes in the database for future use.
Following the positive or negative evaluation of each application, successful candidates who were invited for an interview are given a definitive answer.

Interview Program and Tests

In case a new employee is required, the job application forms collected through various sources are pre-selected at the Human Resources Department, and the candidates found suitable for the relevant job profile are invited for a pre-interview.Following this interview, the candidates are put through the relevant competency and personality tests.

The basic knowledge, skills and behavioral competencies of the candidates are considered.
The Human Resources Department recommends successful candidates to the relevant directorate and the candidates are invited for a comprehensive panel interview.

This interview is attended by the relevant directorate and the Human Resources Department.Among the selection of employees who will work within the frame of a project and in a team effort, the individuals who will be working in the same team may attend interviews and volunteer their input if required.The Human Resources Directorate completes the reference research of the candidates who have advanced to the last stage and submits the results of the interviews to the Human Resources Board.

If necessary, the Human Resources Board may express their opinions by attending job interviews or invite all selected candidate(s) to conduct a final interview.Candidates who are successful at the end of the recruitment process will commence work with the approval of the Human Resources Board.

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