Güllaç in a Glass

Güllaç: A light Ramadan dessert

Sherbet desserts, pastry desserts… While these are the most appetizing desserts in Turkish cuisine, they should be consumed very carefully.This is especially true during Ramadan… Even as we write these words, our minds are flooded with the thoughts of şöbiyet, pistachio katmer and kadayif.If only we could have some right now!
But hold on! There’s a plot twist.Whether it be milk or sherbet, we simply can’t give up any kind of dessert.However, we now know that sugar is extremely harmful to our health.We can just imagine you going, “But, uhm…”
While you should definitely enjoy the delicacies of life, you should also make an effort to make healthier choices.You should try your best to go for lighter and more balanced options.For example, the combination of dried nuts and fruits reveals a cookbook with endless pages.Our suggestion to you this Ramadan is a festival for your taste buds and a mainstay of iftar and suhoor tables: Güllaç!
Güllaç, the health-friendly Ramadan dessert, provides an ideal serving experience in Bodega glasses in small portions.You can also modernize your presentation by using pomegranate and dried fruits, which are primarily used for decorative purposes, as main ingredients.
You can offer this dessert to your guests or neighbors.Making loved ones happy is priceless.

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