The shine of crystal on the table

Elegant highlights with a crystalline glow

Delicate and refined, crystalline glass comes to life in all its glory with the Gusto series.Offering a pleasant drinking experience with its elegance, the Gusto series opens the doors to redefined luxury.These highly accessible yet sophisticated glassware products are ready to bring glory to your dinner tables.We believe Gusto will appeal to those who expect quality and simplicity from tableware, allowing for glamorous servings with bright ideas and refined touches.Crystalline products are only available at with very special prices!
On top of these bold statements on the clarity and crystalline material of the Gusto series, we would also like to offer you a special serving tip.We all enjoy cooling off with a cold drink in the blistering heat of summer.When it comes to keeping drinks cold, the go-to solution is usually ice cubes.What else can you do?Well, you can get creative with Gusto glasses in these two ways:Serve your beverages in glasses with ice cubes containing frozen pomegranates, lemon peels or mint leaves.
Secondly, chill your glasses in the freezer before serving.It is that easy to impress!

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