Picnic Basket

A basket full of joy

It is up to us to energize life and retain its colors!We believe that going for picnics keeps the inner child alive!Whether you’re inviting two or 20 people, you start the preparations with the same level of happiness and excitement every time…

A Picnic For Two:

You can carry your picnic basket to a peaceful park in your neighborhood for a light dinner after work.If you are looking for a full-on Sunday experience, you can head to the nearest beach with your basket.
* A few sandwiches with plenty of ingredients
* Breakfast food is a must.Make sure to bring a wide selection of cheese
* Always have something sweet in store
* Remember to bring colorful blankets

* Go with Galata glasses when serving drinks, as they can be stored inside each other to save space…
* A mini speaker to play music (that is unless you prefer the chirping of birds)

A Family Picnic:

Whether with children or adults, picnics are perfect for creating good memories. Meanwhile, large family picnics make us tipsy with the joy of conversation and razzle-dazzle.
* Lots of mouths to feed!This picnic definitely needs a barbecue

* Containers come to the rescue
* A basket is not enough; the trunk of your car is the ideal solution
* You should have a rich selection of olive oil dishes
* Rope for making a swing, a ball for dodgeball… Pick whichever you like
* Garbage bags, because we must be conscious of the environment.

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