That tea glass in LAV commercials!

Complement your tea with Eda

The woman in the LAV commercials sitting joyously in a corner, sipping tea and perusing a magazine while sharing her husband’s excitement for the game: that’s you!Appreciating life’s beauty, making every moment special and sharing those moments with loved ones, valuing and protecting them at all costs…

Speaking of protecting, you probably remember the rest of the commercial too!Remember how the woman instinctively saved her favorite tea glass from breaking as her husband celebrated the goal?

That new tea glass is called Eda! As tea-drinking habits change, we have begun drinking tea with greater joy and in larger quantities than before. New-generation tea glasses refers to those with slim waists and large volume capacities.With its ease of grip, large volume and distinct sharp lines, the Eda tea glass is the latest member of this new generation.We hope that an Eda tea set keeps you company while you spend quality time with your loved ones

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