Vira Bowl

For the love of profiterole…

From engagement ceremonies to birthdays, life is full of moments worth celebrating!The bittersweet rush, panic and tons of prior questions make these moments even more memorable… The most important of these are: How many people should I invite?What will be on the menu?What is the concept?What tableware should I use?Are there enough glasses?Open buffet or tables?However, the planned and creative LAV woman manages to make every occasion special.
We all want to have stylish and modern-looking parties attended by friends with great appetites and love for food. You can serve your guests in tiny portions, just as we have done with profiterole in Vira bowls.Remember that you can offer various flavors from sweet to savory, with a menu ranging from appetizers to fruit salads.This way, nothing you have prepared will go to waste.Having someone to assist with the service will make things easier.

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