A Tropical Twist to Traditional Flavor

Make a difference with colorful touches

Those who love the LAV pink, rise up!We will now introduce you to the exotic and tropical pitaya (dragon fruit).With a creamy texture and a taste somewhere between melon and kiwi, this unique fruit should be a part of your menu just for its charismatic look and vibrant pink color!

If you like to serve your desserts with fruit, the light fiber- and mineral-rich dragon fruit will also serve as a nutritious source of vitamin C.
You see, you can actually make a big difference in your servings with just one move.You can offer your guests an experience that stand outs from what they usually see and taste.Sometimes, as in this case, a single fruit may be all it takes!You can shape the concept color, forms or theme of the presentation accordingly.Your magic will be your taste and aesthetic choices.We suggest using strong color tones and contrasting neutral tones so that your guests have a wide range to choose from.

If you are interested in the exotic pitaya fruit, you can also include other unique fruits such as lychee, passion fruit, mangosteen, rambutan, guava, mango, star fruit, blackcurrant and papaya.
Moreover, you can serve in a range of different-sized glasses to make a difference not only with taste, but also with your presentation.In this instance, we opted for an eclectic presentation by combining the glory of the Misket cognac glass and the minimalism of the Liberty liqueur glass.

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