LAV, also being based on the support of the young worker group, has enable adoption of the idea of innovation in the centre of all the departments. Transformation of the new ideas, from human resources to manufacturing, and from marketing to design, into a socio-economic benefit, has become an integral part of the firm as an organisational culture.

LAV, which adopts innovativeness and technology as a principle, receives the most significant share from R&D department activities about innovation. The brand has founded the Directorate of Technopark with the purpose of operation of the resources effectively, increasing the collection of information and creating national technologies. LAV adopting innovativeness and technology as a principle receives the most significant share about innovation from the activities of R&D department.

The brand, establishing the Directorate of Technopark in order to operate its resources effectively, to increase its accumulation of knowledge and to create national technologies, both conducts studies on new technologies regarding glass manufacturing and performs the design and manufacturing of the factories producing such technologies under its roof, thereby rendered an actual advantage for itself.

In order to develop new products and to find solutions in order to decrease the costs by improving the quality in manufacturing, Teknopark has reached the status of forming its own know-how in manufacturing technologies and is equipped with the competence which will enable establishing of a brand new glass manufacturing facility. Technopark, which is qualified as “a factory manufacturing a factory” has rendered advantage for LAV in worldwide competition area. Today, one of the most significant requirements of Turkey is to import machines for manufacturing.

From the perspective of national interests, it is required that the country has original design and manufacturing facilities and has a very low level of foreign dependency, which is a condition to be merely attained by R&D. By establishing the Directorate of Teknopark, LAV seeks the ways for overcoming this situation in its own field and has become one of the 3 firms in world, which creates its own technology.

Today, the most significant complementary of innovation is sustainability studies. Therefore, in all creative processes, the environmental effect is developed to be decreased to the lowest level. LAV, considers its environment and products as a consumer and reflects the innovative approaches to every stage of the journey from the idea to the product.

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