Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Issues related to the application, selection, internship and follow-up processes of students who wish to complete an internship at LAV have been standardized in accordance with the internship procedure.The application forms of the students who have applied for an internship in the current year and the associated school letters regarding internships are accepted by the Human Resources Directorate.

Internship quotas are determined in light of the information received from the relevant department directors and managers.Applications received before the March deadline are evaluated in light of the departments and quotas determined for the relevant year.The students and internship periods determined as a result of the evaluation are submitted for the approval of the relevant managers.

Approved students are issued approval letters containing all necessary information, including the internship period.The approved students will complete their internship in the unit related to their department. The majority of these take place at the factory.

Interns can also work in the relevant departments on the subjects specified in their internship logbooks.In both cases, the officer of the main department is responsible for the student.The department officer is responsible for conveying the issues related to the business, the relevant department and the internship subject to the student.

The officer must make all necessary arrangements with the relevant units to ensure that the student has access to the information they require, and must check the work of the intern student during the internship period.Students who have completed the determined internship period are obliged to perform the actions specified in the procedure after completing the internship logbook that will be submitted to their university.Our company also conducts a Project-Based Special Internship Program.

This Project-Based Internship Program is carried out for the following engineering branches:

• Mechanical Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• Electronic Engineering

• Metallurgical Engineering

• Industrial Engineering

• Computer Engineering

• Chemical Engineering

• Industrial Design

Students seeking to complete a Project-Based Special Internship:

• Must have completed their third year,

• Must have a GPA of at least 2.50,

• Must follow LAV rules during the internship and the project,

• Must not be under any circumstances that prevent them from undertaking the internship.

• During Project-Based Special Internship:

• Intern students are provided with accommodation, food and transportation to the factory in Kütahya;

They are paid minimum wage;

Their insurance is provided by the company.

Candidates who wish to complete a Project-Based Special Internship must fill in the “Internship Application Form” and submit their applications.After the applications are reviewed, the candidates are selected by interview.

Interview Program and Tests

In case a new employee is required, the job application forms collected through various sources are pre-selected at the Human Resources Department, and the candidates found suitable for the relevant job profile are invited for a pre-interview.Following this interview, the candidates are put through the relevant competency and personality tests. The basic knowledge, skills and behavioral competencies of the candidates are considered.The Human Resources Department recommends successful candidates to the relevant directorate and the candidates are invited for a comprehensive panel interview.

This interview is attended by the relevant directorate and the Human Resources Department. Among the selection of employees who will work within the frame of a project and in a team effort, the individuals who will be working in the same team may attend interviews and volunteer their input if required.The Human Resources Directorate completes the reference research of the candidates who have advanced to the last stage and submits the results of the interviews to the Human Resources Board. If necessary, the Human Resources Board may express their opinions by attending job interviews or invite all selected candidate(s) to conduct a final interview.Candidates who are successful at the end of the recruitment process will commence work with the approval of the Human Resources Board.

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