Training System

Training System

Determination of the training needs of all LAV employees, and the planning, organization and execution of the relevant training activities, are subject to standards depending on the training procedure.

With the principle of continuously improving and adapting to changes, we emphasize education to fulfill our requirements as a learning organization
Training aims to improve all competencies, knowledge, skills, behaviors and the personal development of employees.In addition to technical, social, cultural and psychological training, subjects that improve business and management skills and increase organizational effectiveness are also handled accordingly.The studies which aim to meet the training needs determined in the performance evaluation interviews are also carried out in line with this procedure.

The Human Resources Department is in constant contact with training companies and other organizations that will provide personal development, and is responsible for monitoring activities where employees can improve themselves.Employees and the Human Resources Department must act jointly while meeting the training needs of the business.Therefore, the communication between the relevant parties works according to the following process.

The training needs of the employees are determined in two ways:
In the performance evaluation meetings planned twice a year
In the research conducted by the Human Resources Department
The training needs determined in both ways are further divided internally and externally.The training needs determined in both ways are further divided internally and externally.

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